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Iconic Collectables

RMS Queen Mary 'Speed and Progress' Mural - Sold for £59000 (fees inclusive).

About this Department

Henry Aldridge and Son have a reputation globally for consistently high prices in the sale of memorabilia relating to iconic events the ability to market items of interest in the international media from BBC and SKY to NBC and Fox News in the United States. Memorabilia provides us with a tangible link to the past, we all had a cherished toy as a child or have a fascination with a particular time period or event and Henry Aldridge and Son Ltd have a proven track record of selling collectables for record prices. These range from the Worlds First Christmas card sold for £22000, £36,000 for a selection of negatives from Robert Scott's ill-fated expedition to the Antarctic in 1912, Elvis Presley's first music agency contract £37000, Queen Victorias bed which sold for £2500 and a coat worn by a stewardess on the ill fated Titanic for £150000.

About us

Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd are one of the South West's premier auctioneers of antiques and collector's items. A family run business operated by husband and wife team Andrew and Chrissie Aldridge.

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