“The Wiltshire Auctioneers with the Worldwide Reputation”

Henry Aldridge & Son Ltd are one of the South West's premier auctioneers of antiques and collector's items. A family run business operated by husband and wife team Andrew and Chrissie Aldridge.

About Us
  • "In my opinion, this is the foremost auction house for Titanic and White Star Line memorabilia. I’ve consigned, purchased and got advice from the team who are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and have a wealth of experience in dealing with some of the best Titanic items ever offered."

  • "A very professional team, friendly, welcoming and always willing to go the extra mile. The key for me is the depth of knowledge, interest and delight that they have in the items that they auction. The only auction house that I would use."

  • "I’m based in the US and a new customer to Henry Aldridge. I purchased four items in their October Titanic auction and am delighted with them. Buying from 5000 miles away is always a risk but I had a great experience dealing with guys who obviously know what they are doing, the descriptions were on the money and the items exactly as described. I’m looking forward to their April auction, I may even fly over next time."

  • "In short, Henry Aldridge are the most reputable, efficient and professional auction house I have dealt with. I live in Edinburgh, quite a considerable distance from Devizes. I spite of that, I took the gamble ( based on their reputation ) and entrusted them with my family collection of photograph albums covering the British invasion of Tibet. I needn't have worried, Andrew Aldridge was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and engaged in an enormous amount of further research and 'behind the scenes' advertising on my behalf. I'm sure his hard work resulted in the amount realised at auction being beyond my wildest expectations. The commission charged was extremely competitive and payment was made by bank transfer exactly on time. All in all, a fabulous experience."

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